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Transition Home to the Great Spirit
Date:  June 24, 2016 - 11:54am

~ A special message from a good friend and brother ~
The following is a special montage of Bernie's music put together by a dear family friend. Enjoy.


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Jeffrey Thomas Jeffrey Thomas from Eureka, CA wrote on July 16, 2016:
Bernie Worrell has been and will always remain one of the most influential musicians of my life. I am truly heartbroken over his passing, yet grateful and joyous to have experienced the genius of his artistry within my lifetime. I've always wanted to express to him how his music literally changed my life, and I will always regret never actually saying it to him when I had the opportunity to. My condolences and deepest sympathy to the Worrell family, and to his inner circle of friends who knew and loved him the most.
Rodney Rodney from Roselle wrote on July 16, 2016:
Wow this is crazy I'm scrolling through some pics of the group Midnight Star and ran across a pic of Bernie Worrell saying RIP. I'm like are you serious wow I pray for his family and friends I remember around 30 years ago a family member,friend and I were having a discussion on who played the bass part on flashlight we were back and fourth George No Bootsie, come to find out we were all wrong it was Bernie, thank you Bernie Worrell for so many years Funkdafide P funk Uncut The Bomb!
ruben barbour ruben barbour from elk grove wrote on July 15, 2016:
Bless you Woo Yahweh bless your spirit.
Musau Musau from Plainfield, New Jersey wrote on July 15, 2016:
May Allah be with you, beloved. There will never be another like you again, ever.....
keith bryant keith bryant from cochranville, Pa wrote on July 15, 2016:
what an inspiration he had on me and all musicians. RIP
Jena smith & Mike Stuckey Jena smith & Mike Stuckey from Rochester wrote on July 15, 2016:
Judy, I reached out to you in 2012 when Bernie was coming to play Waterstreet in Rochester NY and you arranged for Mike and I to meet Bernie after the show. Not only was it a fantastic performance but Bernie was so awesome and personable! The world is a lot less funky without him!
Steven C. Majors Steven C. Majors from Suitland, Maryland wrote on July 15, 2016:
You have been an inspiration to me. I play keyboards because of you. RIP Bernie.
Robert F Perry Robert F Perry from Yardley wrote on July 15, 2016:
You were foundation of PFUNK! Was never the same when you left. Say hello to my old Friends Garry and Boogie.
Oscar Henrique de Souza e Silva Oscar Henrique de Souza e Silva from Toledo wrote on July 15, 2016:
I knew Bernie Worrell from Cuicoland Express, the magnificent band of Jack Bruce, with El Negro and Robby Ameen!


God bless Bernie!

Cheers from Brasil!
Drew Keller Drew Keller wrote on July 15, 2016:
Bernie, you were a beautiful man and an inspiration. Will never be another one like you, my friend. Meeting you in Asheville and then speaking with you on "The Mothership" will always be one of the biggest highlights of my life. RIP, my brother.
Brian Foster Brian Foster from Clearlake Oaks, CA wrote on July 14, 2016:
You played on so many of my favorite recordings. I will so very much miss you! RIP, brother...
Jennifer Jennifer from Sonoma County, California wrote on July 12, 2016:
Thank you for the magic music.
Christopher Sims Christopher Sims from lynn wrote on July 12, 2016:
R.I.P WOO the world has lost a Angel of music
Shayne Fontayne Shayne Fontayne from uk wrote on July 12, 2016:
WOW i'm gutted not Bernie as well. I roadied for him one night in the winter of 96 maybe 97 @ a gig called sankey soaps in manchester. When I saw him struggling with a power cable I jumped up 2 help as I have the same funk machine still have it :) and for all funkateers out there its Kawai PH50. ' Booty's Rubber Band they took the roof off. The Building literally ROCKED @ the end Bernie parted the crowd with a hand full of roses and made sure I got the first one it was a great feeling of love and thanx. Guess what I still have it dried in a basket in window along with a flower from Graceland which proudly new to my buddah, where this day offer special obasences to KING WOO. blessings prayers and light your foreverwellwisher.

Shayne xxx
M.E. Wilson M.E. Wilson from Detroit wrote on July 11, 2016:
RIP Bernie, nobody funkier than you doing what you do. Sincere condolences to your family. Gone but never forgotten.
Jeffrey Mosier Jeffrey Mosier from Lakeside, CA wrote on July 9, 2016:
P-Funk may have been the best band ever. The last time I saw Bernie was with his orchestra in San Diego on 1-19-2013. Just found a link to the audio from the entire concert, He opened our ears to new sounds and we are forever changed.
Noah Foster Noah Foster from Lewes, DE wrote on July 9, 2016:
I saw Bernie in a show at Dogfish Head in Lewes. He was great. He is an idol to me. He will be missed.
Marcellus Green Marcellus Green from Belleville, Il wrote on July 8, 2016:
There was no other. Wish I could have jammed with you to learn some of that wisdom you had. RIP Bernie
Mike Seward Mike Seward from Fort Washington wrote on July 8, 2016:
No one blended all genres of music together in a funkier way!!! Thank you for sharing your genius!!! You will definitely be missed but you left a legacy of music that will live on for many lifetimes!!!
Stevieboy Stevieboy wrote on July 8, 2016:
R.I.P. Bernie. Funk master.??????