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Thanks to Archive.org, for providing many of these classic shows.  You can support them here.

Gypsy Soul - Tribute to Jimi Hendrix

Recorded in 2013 - Denver, CO

Bernie Worrell, Dwayne Adams, Chris Harris, Count D, Lady Emerald, Jessica Jones, Al-Tune Ganjan, Zuloo, Apostle, Mr. Midas, and Jaeone

Live in Denver, CO

Recorded in 2015

May 29
May 30

SociaLybrium - Live in Germany

Recorded in 2009 - with Cindy Blackman, BlackByrd McKight, and TM Stevens

Live at Mama's Blues

Recorded in 2003 - New Orleans, LA

March 1
March 2

The WOO Warriors - Live Tracks

10/2/98 - Massachusetts
3/7/08 - River Street Jazz Cafe (Plains, PA)

Bernie Worrell – Keyboards & Vocals (2nd Set)
Jon Fadem – Guitar & Vocals
Camile – Vocals
John Kimock – Drums
Peter Fritz – Bass
* w/ Angelo Miraglia

Bernie Worrell Orchstra - Live

12/29/12- Providence, RI
9/14/12- Wormtown Music Fest

Worrell's Open Operatives

Again, thanks to Archive.org, for providing many of these classic shows, and many more cultural artifacts in their digital library.  

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