Dr. G. Bernard Worrell, Jr. | Brother Bern

Brother Bern

We called each other brother, friend would never do.

My joy grew each time we met, each time I saw you.

Knowing each other’s imperfections we still bonded as brothers

Not just in love but through things we shared and taught each another.

We talked about the spiritual meaning of the numbers, 8 sometimes for hours.

Eight means communication in all worlds with music one of its highest powers.

Eighty eight keys were God’s gift to you He made you a master unique

Your spirit speaks to the world in music, when your music plays there is peace

I pray you finally knew your greatness not compared to other men

The joy you gave the world is recorded, you’ll be remembered until times end

Through your music even your pain was beautiful a pleasure to the ear

A sound Imitated not duplicated formed by your joy, pain and fear

We’ve shared God’s gifts now it’s time for this world’s last goodbye

The pain is less knowing the music is eternal on the other side.

Funk is the heartbeat of the Wooniverse

Before all heartbeats Funk was first

Love ya brother Bern