In Memory

Transition Home to the Great Spirit
Date:  June 24, 2016 - 11:54am

~ A special message from a good friend and brother ~
The following is a special montage of Bernie's music put together by a dear family friend. Enjoy.


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Vincent Powell Vincent Powell from Port Hueneme wrote on January 24, 2017:
Rest in Peace. I have a CD from you when your web site was first starting off and I ask for All the Woo in the World. I think one of your family member was email me back and forth until I got it. I had about 5 copies on wax back in the day but you will be missed. Thank you for all the sounds from all the artist you put down keys for the WOO and the Funk will never stop.
Harold Greene Harold Greene from waldorf wrote on January 16, 2017:
Thank you, Dr. Worrell, for giving us your life. I have listened to your music since 1971 and nearly every day thereafter. I love you for that and your family for giving us you. I love your music so much for taking me through happy and sad times, times of success and through setbacks. My wish is to be buried with yours and Parliament Funkadelic's music. I hope my idea for Parliament Funkadelic music, including "Who's a Funkadelic," is one day realized so new generations are always exposed to it. Funkadelic music is love, joy, fun, political, insightful, and most all teaching, and Dr. Worrell's input, therein, is invaluable and immeasurable. When I was a kid, I always loved when you came to my hometown, Columbus, Ohio (though my beautiful mom did not understand you guys - lol). Love you, man...RIP...
Dar Tanzin Dar Tanzin from Iceland wrote on January 15, 2017:
Peace to you in your resting. Go with your spirit to the new light.
Karsten Karsten from Mainz wrote on January 5, 2017:
What a loss. Great artist, good man. Enjoyed your shows so much. We will miss you, Bernie. Fly on!
Mike Rheubottom Mike Rheubottom from Hillcrest, NY wrote on January 1, 2017:
As I was reading about Alphonse Mouzon passing I read that Bernie passed, I'm in shock! If you've got funk you've got style. You're funkin' in eternity, Bernie, styling forever; you will be missed. A true keyboard master.
STiLO-DROM STiLO-DROM from Munich wrote on December 31, 2016:
Today is new years eve 2016 - I´m just listening to a mix on mixcloud called "goodbye 2016! and never come back" honouring all great musicians..
Bernie not on the mix...
So I have to write this from my soul -
I´ve never seen him live - I wish I had
Today I´ll access the LIVE show of Parliament who are playing in VEGAS
remembering him.
Yesterday I saw the concert of the STONES in CUBA on TV ...
What a generation!
Greetings from Good Old Europe
Aliki Russo Aliki Russo from Ketchum wrote on December 30, 2016:
In memoriam I am on a quest to remind all those that we lost Bernie this year as well as so many other talented people. Though my time knowing him was short his spirit will stay with me always. Love you Bernie
Julian Richardson Julian Richardson from Detroit wrote on December 28, 2016:
I knew it wouldn't last forever, but your music and the world wide influence that you as a member of Parliament Funkadelic will forever remain as a stain of FUNK! I remember going to the Olympia Stadium to see you as a teenager every year that I could. Miss you man!
Susan Susan from Washington DC wrote on December 26, 2016:
May you rest in peace. Thank you for sharing your music and enriching life of earth during your all-to-brief time here. God bless you.
Jon Miller Jon Miller from Dianella wrote on December 13, 2016:
You will be missed my brother.. Enjoyed meeting and photographing you and George on the Agent Oh-Oh video.. lots of great images.
Play that funk sound up there for the man and others they will enjoy it.
Bob Frederick Bob Frederick from Tucson Arizona wrote on December 10, 2016:
RIP. You are missed. You will not be forgotten.

A Funketeer.
Randy Carlo Willis Randy Carlo Willis from Binghamton, New York wrote on December 10, 2016:
I met you in June 2000. I got your autograph when you were standing outside of the Knitting Factory in New York City. You gave an outstanding performance that night. Now youre i nheaven with Glenn Goins, Tiki Fulwood, Ray Davis, Cordell Mosson, Garry Shider, Philippe Wynne, Malia Franklin, Eddie Hazel, Flip Cornett, Jessica Cleaves, Roger Troutman, Belita Woods, Skitch Lovett, Richard Kush Griffith, and many more. You will always be a keyboard genius! GOD took you away much too soon. My wife , Debra Willis, is talking to you now. GOD took her in HIS arms on Thursday, May 21, 2015. You'll be greatly missed.
christian christian from seattle wrote on December 6, 2016:
2008 emt+1 with bernie worrell . thank you. the privelege was mine
Rick C Rick C from Pequea, PA wrote on November 29, 2016:
His music enlightened all who heard it, but his presence lightened my heart. I am deeply touched by the short time I worked with him. He brought light to my heart, wonder to my mind, and funk to my booty.
Thank you, Bernie. RIP
Harry MIndgame Harry MIndgame from London wrote on November 7, 2016:
RIP to a legend. Thank you for enriching my life with your music. We played the Pfunk as Dj's from a very young age and even before that, after school my friend and I would go through his brothers Parliament/Funkadelic collection in the very early eighties. I was always attracted to the way in which the music was created and some of the sounds were just out there. Your genius on the keyboards was responsible. Rest in Power. :-)
Kevin Barfield Kevin Barfield from Camden N.J. wrote on October 29, 2016:
Thinking of you ? listening to others try and play your cord's. Often emulated never duplicated.
Steven Steven from Denver wrote on October 23, 2016:
You were the best
Jason Lobb Jason Lobb from Sonora wrote on October 19, 2016:
Just two minutes ago I heard the news. My heart and prayers I send to his family and friends.
The world lost yet another irreplaceable man.
Lisa Pellegrene Lisa Pellegrene from Los Angeles, CA wrote on October 18, 2016:
Rest in peace Bernie and soar with the other angels! You were a blessing not only to the world of music, but to the world. Your legacy will always live on through others, especially to those who also realize and find and use their God given gifts to also contribute to making the world a better place, as you did and always will, through your gift of creating music. Love and blessings.
tom tom from randolph wrote on October 2, 2016:
r.i.p. never forgotten