Dr. G. Bernard Worrell, Jr. | Celebration Of The Life of Dr. G. Bernard Worrell, Jr.
Date:……………………..July 17, 2017
Place:…………………..…Fairhaven Marine Park
(GPS may say “Marine Park” but if it is in Fairhaven, that’s the place)

I will address questions that have been asked:

  1. dress code?  — uh, this is Bernie — so, no — be comfortable :).  However, this is by the water and might be windy.
  2. Please do not bring anything that you don’t take away with you.
  3. Food/drinks will be at the (I will send a separate email with this info) but it is about a 20 minute drive from this location.
  4. Motels/hotels.  I haven’t a clue.  google Bellingham motels.  There is a Windmill Inn not too far from us but that’s not close to this location.  Fairhaven appears to be a little “sub-area” of Bellingham (you turn off one street on to another and boom: you are in Fairhaven)

I’ve been told that some local musicians are performing that night at The Wild Buffalo in Bellingham in Bernie’s honor — in case any of you want to go there.

While we do not want this to turn into a “mob scene”, neither do we mind quiet, respectful fans at the ceremony (it *is* a public park).  The media is NOT being alerted so please be respectful of that.  If YOU want to bring anyone with you, kindly give me a “heads up” in writing as we have considered a certain number of people to be fed and we don’t want anyone to walk away hungry.

There will be two First Nations people who will conduct the first part of the ceremony, then limited speakers thereafter.   If you want to be one of the people to speak, please PM me so we don’t end up with lots of speakers vs. hungry folks.

Some of you are receiving this out of respect.  We understand it’s one heckuva long, expensive way to travel so understand that you will be there in Spirit.  Thank you all.


Judie & Bassl