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June 24, 2016 – 11:54am

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Eliot Eliot from Birmingham, UK wrote on July 3, 2016:
Rest in Funk, Bernie. See you on the other side.
Todd F Sawasky Todd F Sawasky from Mebane wrote on July 3, 2016:
You will be sorely missed by all Bernie. May you keep funking it up for all eternity.
Joseph Braswell Joseph Braswell from San Bernardino wrote on July 3, 2016:
Thank you Mr woo r.i.p
Antony Montebello Antony Montebello from Biella wrote on July 2, 2016:
Thank you for making us partakers of part of your heart
Chuck Kearns Chuck Kearns from Storrs, CT wrote on July 2, 2016:
Rest in Peace, Funkbrother ! Keep on playing music in the Great Beyond for all eternity !!!
Kevin Haas Kevin Haas from NYC, USA wrote on July 2, 2016:
Thank you for the music Bernie!
Botaling Botaling wrote on July 1, 2016:
Pierre Jean Pierre Jean from Paris, France wrote on July 1, 2016:
Merci Mr Worrell, thank you for lettin us love synthesizers, for expanding music boundaries. Thank you for the kind words you sent to me once in an email about a funk jam I made, thank you for givin us da funk. May you Rest In Peace, and love and power to your widow. PJ
Jennifer Durki Jennifer Durki wrote on July 1, 2016:
Bernie's music and friendship has changed my life profoundly will always remember the two years I spent on tour with Bernie as the best of my life will be sorely missed always and remembered with great love and respect
LeBaronP LeBaronP from Lausanne wrote on July 1, 2016:
Welcome back to the Universe.
Philippe Philippe from Kyoto, Japan wrote on July 1, 2016:
Rest in peace Bernie, truly the one and only. Thank you so much for all those years of incredible music. Rock the sky and funk the heaven like only you can!
Diablo Diablo from Portland wrote on July 1, 2016:
Droppin' a three hour tribute to Bernie tonight on the radio.

Rest in Peace Brother!

Deron Isaac Deron Isaac from Boston wrote on July 1, 2016:
Bernie's music gives joy and laughter to my silent witness and a voice to both my healing transcendent vibrations and my nasty funky cacophonies. His music made me aware of what I already knew in my soul and his sonic power blew the cobwebs out my mind. Blessings to all family, friends, and fans.
Sidney Sidney from Paris France wrote on July 1, 2016:
Bernie, i met you IN France IN 1984 with h hancock and ma y friends from material. Your Music will still stay for eternity You was à guide for all the funkateers in This worlds ! RIP Bernie. Sidney the funkyfrench
Dennis Felton Dennis Felton from Tulsa wrote on June 30, 2016:
PFunk is a true American original creation that changed the world and is more than a musical genre, but a way of life. Most things build in incremental steps - but not PFunk. PFunk came out of nowhere, breaking all the rules and blowing up everything that had come before it. It also blew my mind and funked me up. I wasn't the only one. Far from it. None of this could have happened without the geniius, imagination and fearlessness of Bernie. Thank you Bernie and RIP.
Mitch Devine Mitch Devine from Rancho Santa Margarita wrote on June 30, 2016:
I loved Bernie's work with both Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking Heads. And what a privilege it was to meet him in person at the NAMM show a few years ago! Rest in peace, Bernie, your memory and music live on.
Henry Wicks Henry Wicks from Natick, Massachussetts wrote on June 30, 2016:
I'm only 14, but I have already started to plunge into the wonderful world of p-funk and it is incredibly unfortunate that such an incredibly talented musician has left us but I know that his spirit will live on through the fabulous music he has created and the funky legacy he has left.
Jesse Rae Jesse Rae from St.Boswells Scotland wrote on June 29, 2016:
In a' the years I 've known Bernie..I have never heard him say a bad thing aboot any yin or gurse a nasty word,Always thankful for the love o'family...and thankful tae God for the gift he gave him
David Elliott David Elliott from Wylie wrote on June 29, 2016:
The Funk still lives through your music.
Andre Espinet Andre Espinet from Esher wrote on June 29, 2016:
SupaWoovalisticProsiFunkstication...blessed to have been on the planet while the Woo Wizard blessed us with his B-Funk. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Fly on