In Memory

Transition Home to the Great Spirit
June 24, 2016 – 11:54am

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Karl Doss Karl Doss from Richmond, VA wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you Bernie for sharing your musical genius with the world. Your legacy is timeless and impact upon music is beyond measure. Fly on.
Joanne Halfacre Joanne Halfacre from Normal wrote on June 24, 2016:
Rest in paradise Bernie. Thanks for the funk. Prayers to your family. ?
Bryant Davis Bryant Davis wrote on June 24, 2016:
We are new friends. It is my honor and privilege to meet you and your lovely family. Rest in peace my friend.
Mike Mike from Babylon, NY wrote on June 24, 2016:
I can't even describe how much I loved the sounds Bernie made. I saw him play with the Woo Warriors in Farmingdale NY about a decade ago and got to shake his hand. He was kind and humble. Over the years I saw him guide a new generation of funk in NYC with Deep Banana Blackout, Lettuce, Soulive, and other young musicians that looked to him as a forefather. Thank you Bernie. You are loved and missed already.
Karen Jones Karen Jones from San Francusco wrote on June 24, 2016:
Bernie your music lit my musical pathway. Thank you for your contributions to the Funk.
Darryl hayden Darryl hayden from Hampton va wrote on June 24, 2016:
Rest in peace Bernie fly on brother with love
Karen Palmer Karen Palmer from Brooklyn, NY wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you, Bernie for providing much of the soundtrack to my youth, and so many happy memories. You're joining quite an ensemble up there...I know Heaven's gonna be real funky now.
Randy Clere Randy Clere from Seattle wrote on June 24, 2016:
Dear Great Purple Spirit! You touched and graced us here on earth and beyond with your funkiness, joy and kindness. I feel especially blessed to have been alive during your 72 year sojourn on the planet.... As you dropped this mortal coil, you now are the infinite colors of all harmonies, melodies that stretch across the cosmos. R.I.P. Brother Worrell
Chris Sampson Chris Sampson from Houston wrote on June 24, 2016:
No way to describe how the loss feels I'm just grateful to Dr Woo for more than simply the music but also the example of being so humble and kind in the face of his greatness.
Steven Ivory Steven Ivory wrote on June 24, 2016:
The day before his transition, I was suddenly moved to listen to Parliament's "Aqua Boogie" and "Theme From The Black Hole," particularly to hear Bernie's phat moog bass lines. Today I now believe my urge to hear those grooves was Dr. Worrell waving farewell before his ascension. Thank you so very much, dear BW, for enhancing my life of listening here on earth. Much Love and everlasting peace.
Wayne carter Wayne carter from Petersburg, Va wrote on June 24, 2016:
Play on in Peace Bro' Bernie, We still hear Ya! And won't soon forget!
Morris Victor Morris Victor from Miami wrote on June 24, 2016:
Being Born of, and Raised on FUNK, my earliest memories are backed by a soundtrack that has Bernie's fingerprints splattered all over it. I shall morn you Ascension, I shall CELEBRATE. your life!!!Peaceful journey Bernie!!!
Gwen Fox Gwen Fox from Irvine wrote on June 24, 2016:
The beauty of your gift of memories will last a life time for each of us who enjoyed the Purple Funk Era. I Thank you Sir ? Sincerely, Gwen
XCyrius XCyrius from Lyon (France) wrote on June 24, 2016:
I don't remember when I listened "Bernie" first with Parliament-Funkadelic, but with Praxis, I discovered an extraordinary artist, since I became almost a French fan .
I could never forget that date, since it's the birthday of one of my childs.
My thoughts to his family, may he rest in peace.
Jeremy Rucinski Jeremy Rucinski from Saint Paul wrote on June 24, 2016:
Love always Bernie. You brought it and it shine in all you did.
Samuel Samuel from New Orleans wrote on June 24, 2016:
Tales of Kidd Funkadelic track changed my life! Peace Bernie WooWooWoo Worrell!
Michael Michael from Baltimore wrote on June 24, 2016:
May etrenal love carry you to the king of peace rest well ... in prayer to you and your family
STACY ADAMS JR STACY ADAMS JR from Kansas City wrote on June 24, 2016:
Martha Martha wrote on June 24, 2016:
Celebrating you, your talents and your influence. Keep it funkehhh up there. You're in good company
Ryan T. Scott Ryan T. Scott from San Jose wrote on June 24, 2016:
Farewell brother Bernie. Your work and love lives on. Your spirit roams free in the cosmic purple fields of play