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Transition Home to the Great Spirit
June 24, 2016 – 11:54am

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Randall Randall from Chicago wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thanks for the good times and memories! RIP Soldier of Sounds!!
Carole Pope Carole Pope wrote on June 24, 2016:
.Sending love and thanks for your musical brilliance from Carole Pope and Kevan Staples. We used to watch Bernie play at a club on Yonge St in Toronto and later with Nona H.
Daniel Lunn Daniel Lunn from Kansas City Kansas wrote on June 24, 2016:
R.I.P Brother Worrell. You gave the world so much great musicthat will last fforever.
Cathey Deponty Cathey Deponty from Saint Paul wrote on June 24, 2016:
The Gentleman Gave Us Serious Music With A Gentle Poke in The JazzyFunnyFunkyBones!Love from the Dance Floor♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Sam Sekaquaptewa Sam Sekaquaptewa from Phoenix wrote on June 24, 2016:
Rest in Peace brother Bernie. I thank you for your inspirational visionary music. Prayers to you and your family.
Chad A. Bryant Chad A. Bryant from Salt Lake City, UT wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you for the music, Mr. Worrell. Give 'em some funk in Heaven.
Alfredo bicho Vargas Alfredo bicho Vargas from Bogotá, Colombia wrote on June 24, 2016:
Gracias por la música, maestro de maestros, lo que nos enseñaste nunca morirá!
Shaunna Shaunna from San Francisco wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you for being the vessel, the scribe and the spirit, the funk is because of you, for which we owe you gratitude. Thank you for your generosity, for sharing your gifts with the world. Rest in eternal peace and love.
marzzz marzzz wrote on June 24, 2016:
Introduced to you by my Funky college roommate back in the late 70's, then reacquainted when you took up with my favorite 80's band Talking Heads. I had the opportunity on several occasions to meet you and the Mrs. at NAMM (Moog and DSI booths), and you were always as nice as you were talented. May your transition be smooth....
Jimmy Jimmy from Hamden, CT wrote on June 24, 2016:
RIP Mr. Worrell. Thank you for the decades of outstanding music. Your music brought a lot of people together. I know you are at another place jamming with other great musicians Jack Bruce, Glen Goins, Eddie Maggot Brain Hazel and many others.
Kate Kate from Gardencoty wrote on June 24, 2016:
RIP Doc. Thanks for all the great tunes!!!
eddyfreak eddyfreak from KauaiHawaii wrote on June 24, 2016:
REST EASY GREAT WIZARD and enjoy the ride on the MOTHER of all motherships. Eternal thanks for your boundless inspiration, and the MOST fUnKaLiCiOuS
LiCks & GrOOves to ever enter Earths atmosphere.
RUCKAZOID RUCKAZOID wrote on June 24, 2016:
Stephanie Campbell Stephanie Campbell wrote on June 24, 2016:
RIP Bernie.
Tim Such Tim Such from Chatsworth wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you Dr. Worrell- you healed me more times than I can count. Your music will be with us forever.
Trevor Trevor from Sacramento wrote on June 24, 2016:
Your music will always be treasured in my household.

Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow. Rest In Peace Bernie.
James Hemingway James Hemingway from Columbia south wrote on June 24, 2016:
thank you for your analog love of music I appreciate your Gift
bill bill from Astoria, NY wrote on June 24, 2016:
1974, Schools Stadium, Bloomfield Ave, Newark, NJ. I saw P-Funk and my life was changed forever. RIP Bernie aka The Key To The P. Your music will live on forever.
Lynn Marie Rusaw Lynn Marie Rusaw from Albuquerque wrote on June 24, 2016:
A great loss of a great man. I was blessed to have worked on the Bootsy Collins Unity tour with him. A true gift to the world.
Maximus Prime Maximus Prime from Circleville, Ohio wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you Mr Worrell for your wonderful contribution to the Funk world. The universe will have a little less groove and swagger without you. RIP.
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