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June 24, 2016 – 11:54am

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Peter McDonnell Peter McDonnell from Singapore/Tokyo/London wrote on September 2, 2016:
I first met Bernie in the late 80,s in Tokyo and he was a truly inspiring person, always smiling and always making people laugh.When i visited New York in 1992 we had a few beers in the village and i couldn't remember my friends address so Bernie said to me "no problems stay with me in Plainfield and i,ll bring you back tomorrow and and find your friends address" .That summed him up not only a great musician but a down to earth lovely person.Every year we always met up in Tokyo or London and i miss him deeply.His music will live on forever and will always be known as the WIZZARD of WOO, One day Bernie we will meet again.. Bigs hugs Judie and Basel.XX
Matt Szczesny Matt Szczesny wrote on September 2, 2016:
Bernie was a giant of American music and he will be sorely missed. I had the pleasure to meet him about 20 years ago and he was one of the nicest, down to earth people I've ever met. I've met other musicians I looked up to before and been disappointed but not with Bernie. He was all class and talent. I went to Nelson Ledges in June with the hopes of seeing him play again but it was not to be. I'll cherish the times I was lucky enough to see him perform. There will never be another like him. My condolences to his family and friends.
Michael Perkins Michael Perkins from Seattle wrote on September 2, 2016:
Bernie you were (and still are) a huge influence on my studies of orchestration and accompaniment, and I learn something new from you every day. Thank you. Rest peacefully.
Brad Doty Brad Doty from Arlington Heights wrote on September 1, 2016:
Just saw on a Stop Making Sense that Bernie passed away. I'm sure he lived a great life. He had such beautiful energy!
David Paupaw David Paupaw from Brooklyn NY wrote on August 31, 2016:
It was my honor working with Bernie for his event at Webster Hall. I had the pleasure of working with 2 times in my life. Once at 92Y Tribeca. New York City The second one was at Webster Hall which was the most memorable Bernie is a loved musician. To witness the people that came out for him. I can't even mention the musicians and that came out to give him respect My love goes to his family and that we may keep his music alive. Much love to his family and him. ???????✌?️
C.W. Thompson C.W. Thompson from Seattle wrote on August 30, 2016:
My heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. Worrell. We thank you for sharing your gift with the planet. I am just hearing of your passing my brother and I know for certain that God is pleased with what you did with the gifts that He bestowed upon you; for that was your gift back to Him. Rest In Heavenly Peace
Les Green Les Green from Lakewood wrote on August 24, 2016:
My condolences to the entire Worrell family and friends as well. I just found out about Mr. Worrell's passing today (8/23/16); I guess I've been hiding under a rock because not one word was mentioned about his death in the major media TV networks in NJ. It's a shame too because we all (my boys) knew that he was the glue that kept P-Funk together all those years. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Worrell in a dinner lounge on Broadway in NYC I believe in the early or mid 1990's; and when I saw a man who looked like him playing classical music with a tuxedo on, I had to ask him was he the one and only Bernie Worrell? He replied that he was, and I asked him why was he playing classical music in a dinner lounge and he replied something like this: "Because I need money like everyone else". I never forgot how this legend sounded playing Bach and right then and there I knew that this man was a genius. May I and I have mercy on his soul.


From the 1970's funkateer
Justin Countee Justin Countee wrote on August 20, 2016:
Thank you for sharing your genius with the world Bernie, you will always be missed.
Kevin FitZgerald Kevin FitZgerald from Washington,DC wrote on August 18, 2016:
Fly on Brother Bernie!! I can't find the words that I could use to describe the mark that you left on my life and the world. My humaness makes me sad for you aren't on the earthly plane, but I rejoice in your honor and bask in the memories that your earthly existence afforded me! Fly on, Bernie!! I love you man
John Mizutani John Mizutani from Sacramento wrote on August 15, 2016:
May Bernie rest in heaven.
Curtis Sonny Thompson Curtis Sonny Thompson from Wash DC wrote on August 13, 2016:
As Maya Angelou said people will never forget how you made them feel ,I now know that the universe moves with a natural ebb and flow that is consistently consistent,natural and not the same old same old.Normalcy is not a natural human traight AT ALL!R.I.P. BERNIE.
Lori udovich Lori udovich from Seattle, Wa wrote on August 12, 2016:
There really are no words for a soul like Bernie. Judy there are I am sure so many people sending you messages but I have an article in a fanzine I would love to send to you. I've kept it for years and years. I went the fundraiser in Seattle and was not able to give to you. Please gmail me since I am kind of behind on this social media stuff. Thank-you
Brian Clahan Brian Clahan from San Francisco wrote on August 12, 2016:
You added so much to this world through your music, by bringing people together and connecting them through their hearts . I'm so grateful and honored to have been able to cross paths with you.
Gavin Stephens Gavin Stephens from U.K wrote on August 9, 2016:
A true inspiration to me from an early age. Introduced me to so much and beyond the impossible. Thank you for being Woo Bernie. Peace 2 you and your family.
nz nz wrote on August 6, 2016:
A true music genius. RIP Bernie. You changed my life forever. thank you for the funk, we will never forget you
SHARKEY SHARKEY from Auburn wrote on July 31, 2016:
Thanks for the Funk will miss you your music will live forever.
Priscilla Priscilla from Jackson wrote on July 30, 2016:
You left a mark like no other
Rey Hinajon Jr Rey Hinajon Jr from Las Vegas Nv 89031 wrote on July 30, 2016:
c. louis butts, jr. c. louis butts, jr. from portland,or...des moines, iowa wrote on July 25, 2016:
my wonderful honoured meeting ef bernie was at Berbati's in Portland,OR...he set me straight on how the bass can thump us from breastbone to bottom of our crotches, to paraphrase him: commence us to a-jigglin' by presence alone!!!... then he regaled all ef us @ that show w/bodythumpin' bootyshakin' mindblowin' kickyurfeetup riddims florishes bassmonster thunder melodies to funk the universe !!! ... bernie, you inspire this bassist,dr. bambam, to keep on reaching for new lows inna bassythumpin' to go for the highest universe music!!! =^.^= much respect love cherish being miss ya!!! !
Dwayne R Dwayne R from Orlando wrote on July 25, 2016:
I followed Funkadelic from Maggot Brain..You will always shine on {fly on...}