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Transition Home to the Great Spirit
June 24, 2016 – 11:54am

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ManDonald thomas ManDonald thomas from los angeles wrote on June 25, 2016:
Thank You Bernie You ARE a REASON I BECAME A MUSICIAN, AND I WILL always remember being backstage at the L.a. Concert with roger and zapp and bootsy and original band , and watching you soundcheck flashlight ,and you freaking your arp string machine to mudbone coopers drumming R.I.P. PURPLE WOO
DJD DJD from LA wrote on June 25, 2016:
A mentor to us all in so many ways. He will be missed like no other.
Kenuto Bruto Kenuto Bruto from Bend wrote on June 25, 2016:
Thank you Bernie for that Groove you left on my soul... You are the greatest Funkateer there is!
Darren Darren from Hemel Hempstead wrote on June 25, 2016:
RIP Funk legend Mr Worrell !! Your contribution to music lives on sir !
Jerry Jerry from Atl wrote on June 24, 2016:
Grew up in bean town....the ' whole funk' lives forever!
Sandra St. Victor Sandra St. Victor from NYC wrote on June 24, 2016:
Bernie, indeed made the world a brighter place. He definitely made my world sweeter. Pest in paradise wonderful spirit. Til we all meet again. St. Vix
Brian Brian from Raleigh wrote on June 24, 2016:
When I think of Funkadelic I think of Dr. Worrell. Truly one of the best o all time!
tikinova20 tikinova20 from NZ wrote on June 24, 2016:
I raise my glass to you - Dr, Worrell
.. ?? ..
Jere B Jere B from Youngstown wrote on June 24, 2016:
All The Woo will Never Be The Same
Rosemary Olson Rosemary Olson from Los Angeles wrote on June 24, 2016:
With deep respect and admiration to one of the greatest music men of all time. Thank you for making the world a better place. Rest in paradise.
Peace, Love & Funk.
bobby glanton-smith bobby glanton-smith from inglewood wrote on June 24, 2016:
Farewell to a remarkable innovater. Rest peacefully
James R. James R. from Denver wrote on June 24, 2016:
So sad to hear your music will always hold a very special place in my soul you will not be forgotten.
Carla Howard Carla Howard from Wytheville wrote on June 24, 2016:
So many people who inspired me who still makes me want to dance when I hear a song on the radio are leaving this earth to go the The Heavenly One. RIP Mr. Worrall and thank you for letting me be in a part of your world. Peace Out!
Tsuyoshi Tsuyoshi wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank You
Bill Stalnaker Bill Stalnaker wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank You for all the Great Music. Peace and Good Thoughts to the family, band mates, and friends.
Rest in Peace
Dr. Worrell
Keep Playin' the Funk!
Jason Tracy Jason Tracy from Fort Wayne wrote on June 24, 2016:
Thank you so much Bernie for all the joy you music has given me and everyone around the world the world lost a little of its Funk today God Bless You
Bev Bev from Cleveland wrote on June 24, 2016:
RIP Bernie. I am so happy I got to hear your wonderful music at the Beachland Ballroom. It was an amazing night. Condolences to your family.
Alfonso Burney Alfonso Burney from Norfolk wrote on June 24, 2016:
From you, at the early age of 17, I learned to play the mood synthesizers and other keyboards. You will be missed greatly by all above. No one can replace the USS.Woo!!!!!! Long Live the Funk!!!!!!! Thank you Bernie for all you've done. And a Special Thank-You for the Autographed photo disc cover.
Bruce Irvin Bruce Irvin from CLEARWATER wrote on June 24, 2016:
They will be feeling da funk tonight!
Michael Stewart Michael Stewart from Richmond Va wrote on June 24, 2016:
I've been a Funkadelic fan going all the way back to Free your mind, Maggot Brain and America Eats it's young. Joyful process was the song that really put me onto Bernie in a major way. Here's hoping your transition was a Joyful Process. Fly on funkateer.